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Date Abuse Type Abuser Description
Oct 9, 2019 sextortion claims to be representative of the ChaosCC hacker group spoofed 12 non-existant email addresses found in the catch all account, what a dumbass. those chaos hackers are so good they can hack things that don't exist. I'm so scared of them. <tremble> Ha Ha Ha!
Sep 18, 2019 sextortion came from this IP most likely masked. spoofed my email same old sextortion claims to have access to my email account.
Sep 17, 2019 sextortion appears to come from own email usual blackmail demands re porn.
Sep 12, 2019 ransomware IDIOT This clown uses email resending software to send threatening letters about You using porn sites and recorded via camera. What a duff! 1. I don't even have a camera! 2. I don't do porn sites and even if you try the corp server blocks any such. 3. I have had up to 7 different letters like this from different clowns. 4. Who says bit coins are not traceable? P.S. Their written English is woeful. Hint.
Sep 11, 2019 sextortion fake email claims he hacked my system email sent to address that does not exist. email caught in catch all account for domain.
Sep 10, 2019 sextortion Email hack Claims to have hacked email account - I got 13 mails already with the same wallett
Sep 9, 2019 sextortion Poss I am strongly belive that you would not like to show these pictures to your relatives, friends or colleagues. I think $703 is a very small amount for my silence. Besides, I spent a lot of time on you! I accept money only in Bitcoins. My BTC wallet: 1PKQvF9qK3zuB8KVwmDVDUxtpUVfE1P6fp Idiot, as don't have a web cam!
Sep 9, 2019 blackmail scam Correction The suspected man is the Business Development / / Sofia, Bulgaria Responsible for the marketing of the MAIL BG EAD's services on different markets
Sep 9, 2019 blackmail scam One man of their team is bulgarian owner of domain . You do not have to belive me. And what bitcoin do for their user with such amount of information!?
Sep 9, 2019 ransomware same old ransomware I greet you! I have bad news for you. 11/06/2019 - on this day I hacked your operating system and got full access to your account