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Oct 7, 2021 other I was interested in trading so I started to search on the internet, I registered with the bitcoin trader with 250€. Melany Hamper called me from Invest Boost and sent me an email with all the information to activate my account. Then Mike Anderson reached me and explained he`s a professional financial adviser. Through AnyDesk, helped me to set up a Binance account, buy BTC, deposit into my account, and started to use an external platform MetaTrader4. My money started to grow and he told me to invest in BTC because it was going up, in that time it was $37K, but I told him I don’t have that money. He then talked to the company to invest 13K but I told him I don’t have 13K, he told me to ask for a loan which I did. I got refused from banks, he told me to ask for more money on my credit card but it got refused, he made a reservation and it got approved somehow, which I didn`t understand because I didn’t have the money on my account. He started to convince me to borrow or ask for other loans but I said no, he told me to deposit less amount and he convinced the company to lower the amount. Amy then called me and it turns out Mike asked for a $10000 credit in my name, but I explained to her I’ve never asked for that. She told me Mike made a crime and for that, he got fired, told me I have to invest more in order to have everything back together in my account. She asked me to invest 5800€ and because I trusted her, I did, it was the money to complete the $10000 and be able to withdraw. I contacted her to withdraw 13000€ but she told me I have to deposit 7000€ more, I told her I don`t have that money, she told me I can have my money back without that amount but I’ll have problems with the law as money laundering and tax avoidance. I told her I don`t worry about it, and the next day she contacted me and said I cannot withdraw until I don’t pay the 7000€ because she can have problems. My last conversation with them was in July.
Sep 15, 2021 ransomware I am a victim too... I lost $2,800 however i was able to recover all my lost money $2,800 in full through the help of an online recovery agency (www,mycryptoreclaim,com). Please if you are a victim of online scam quickly contact (www,mycryptoreclaim,com) to recover all your lost money easily
Sep 15, 2021 other I signed up on a BTC promotion on Facebook and Chris Jones from aorxcapital called me and introduced the company. Said start with $250 and one of the account managers will contact me. Then Alice Green called me and said she`s going to be my account manager. She created a coinspot account for me through AnyDesk, she said 250 would not be enough to trade and if I would put more, I would get bonuses from the company. I put 10000AUD but she said it wouldn`t be enough for the gold platform she asked me to put more for bonuses, which I did. She introduced me to Jason P who was a wise president and wanted to look after me. Then he asked me to open AnyDesk and he would see my bank account savings, he then promised me early retirement and $20000 a month profit. 3 weeks later I looked at my account and I was losing money, so he needed to fix it and asked me to put more money on it to save my account. I said I don`t have more money and he suggested getting a loan which I declined. Next day when I checked my account, I saw someone was applying for a loan for me I knew it was him because he logged into my account through AnyDesk. Then Mark Anderson contacted me and said he`s the vice-president of aroxcapital and he`ll get someone to save my account. Then Mark Bauer contacted me as my new account manager and he managed to save my account he made some profits for me but I had to pay Taxes. I invested $150,000 I would get $250,000 from the company but I had to pay taxes of $15,000, so I did order to be able to withdraw my money so I paid $7500AUD. Then for 3 weeks, I didn’t hear from them, then George Bunin, said Mark Bauer died from a car accident and he`s going to take my case. I told him I'm still waiting for my money which I requested a withdraw. He disappeared as well, and just now another account manager Michael Chase contacted me and said I have to pay taxes before they can release my money, which I paid already. All my payments were through BTC through my coinspot account.